I apologise that I gave the wrong date for Self-Isolation Choir performance of Mahler 2 last night. NOVEMBER 14TH  7.30 pm on YouTube is correct, however I’m not sure if it is the whole symphony or only the last movement.

John Warner has done the teaching which is all recorded on YouTube, and it is not too late for anyone to join and hear John’s teaching, and do the recordings.  Recordings must be submitted by 10pm. Monday 19th October.  There is not a lot to sing, but its very different to what we are used to singing on the whole.  Unfortunately we do need to pay for the privilege?! but any money spare goes to professional musicians we perform with, who as we know have been having a tough time recently.

John Warner has founded an orchestra, the Orchestra for the Earth whose members are recording the symphony.  Marina Mahler, the composer’s granddaughter is pleased it is being performed as no concert performances can take place world wide.

Also the choir is in the process of revisiting ‘Elijah’ for recording, and performance sometime in January.  We are being led by Ben England from Bristol, who Tom may know? and is excellent.  He also runs a choir and ?orchestra in Nailsea.  He always tells us the singing is wonderful even though he can’t hear anyone! Ben does most of the teaching unless we do a more specialised piece of music.  Elijah too is open for registration.

The whole project took off at the beginning of lockdown, with the Messiah, and attracted redundant/bored singers from around the world……    The idea is for people to learn music they have never sung and recording is purely optional.  Incidentally I have found recording far more challenging than I imagined, but worth the challenge so far, for the music I have recorded.  But we don’t have have so much time to spend on it now!

Enough for now.  Do ask me anything.

Mary Hughes

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