Our Spring concert was held on Saturday 26th March 2020 and featured John Stainer’s, The Crucifixion and three of Bob Chilcott’s Passion Hymns from his St John Passion.

It was wonderful to have such great support from the audience, full of faces old and new! We have received some lovely comments about our performance:

“I spoke to 6 people, all experienced singers – 4 of them new audience to Nailsea Choral Society and they were bowled over by it. Quote: “I know it well and I’ve sung it many many times and never heard it so beautifully and expressively performed”. 👍👍”

“As a choir member who had rehearsed for and expected to sing in the concert, but was unavoidably and unexpectedly prevented from doing so, I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed attending as a member of the audience. I thought the whole presentation was brilliantly executed with all the enthusiasm, sensitivity (where required) and drama that Tom had concentrated on in rehearsals. All due congratulations to Tom, the soloists, the organist and the choir. I would have loved to have sung myself but to listen from in front of the choir rather than from the back row was a different experience and more than an adequate compensation.”

“The Weston in Gordano contingent (about 10 I think) thought the concert was brilliant! A special mention was made of the”genius” way the staggered standing worked, they were very impressed with it. Thoroughly enjoyed last night.'”

Both the choir and the soloists were stunning, your quiet singing was just lovely.”

“The best performance I have ever heard”

“Beautifully performed and full of meaning.”

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