Carol sent this written by a fellow-singing friend of hers.  She has also suggested that it would be good if it could be set to music! Now there’s a challenge!

Rule of Six

Restrictions are relaxing -let’s have a singing fix!
Amateurs can meet indoors but please no more than six.
We’ll take lots of precautions, masks and other tricks,
but however tight the protocols we must be only six.

Crowds can chant in stadia -it’s how they get their kicks,
but socially-distanced practice rooms can only be for six.
Noisy pubs and restaurants are right back in the mix,
but the discipline of choral sound is limited to six.

Professional? Well, that’s ok, your status clearly ticks
the box allowing larger groups, but amateurs: just six.
Society is opening up but this new guideline sticks
in the muted vocal cords of thousands more than six.

© Katherine Dixson, May 2021

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