Committee Responsibilities

Director of Music

  • Choose music to be performed at each concert – choosing a varied and interesting repertoire to expand on the choir’s experience,
  • Liaise with the librarian to ensure that copies can be obtained,
  • Book soloists, orchestra and other performers as required,
  • Subject to the prior approval of the committee, agree fees for professional performers,
  • Conduct at least 75% of the rehearsals for each concert,
  • Conduct all concerts (unless exceptional circumstances apply),
  • Attend at least 75% of committee meetings,
  • Lead and encourage the choir to a high standard,
  • Assist the Chair in leading committee meetings.


Generally, this is a “hands off” role, except for chairing meetings. Paramount is to ensure the continued existence of the choir, and its progress in terms of performance standards and financial stability. The Chairman should encourage full involvement in the activities of the choir by both committee and members.

The Chair acts as a point of contact between committee and conductor, liaison with other choral societies, spokesperson for the choir and protector of its interests generally.

  • Receive requests via the website for tickets, record and process them, and despatch,
  • Liaise with Publicity Officer for the procurement of posters, programme and tickets,
  • Maintain lists of those taking tickets at rehearsals,
  • Beyond just liaison, represent NCS at Gordano Three Choirs joint concert planning meetings (usually with Secretary),
  • Ensure members are clearly informed of arrangements and plans via emailed letters,
  • Ensure concert venues are clearly signed for choir and audience where necessary,
  • Recruit stewarding team for concerts,
  • Periodically, but especially not long before a concert, ensure that the venue and access to it outside and in is still easily available,
  • Visit the venue if necessary especially if not well known,
  • Maintain a running record of our concerts as per the original History (2005) and the Update (2015), and an archive of programmes.

Vice Chair

In the Chair’s absence to:

  • deputise in the chair at any/all meetings,
  • supervise the smooth running of the weekly rehearsal,
  • hold the keys of the rehearsal/concert venue,
  • in collaboration with the Secretary, convene meetings of the committee as required,
  • take decisions that would otherwise have fallen to the Chair,
  • confer regularly with the committee in the event of a prolonged absence of the Chair, and act as the Chair.

To cast an eye over the Chair’s draft communications with the members at the Chair’s request.

To feel free to engage with the Chair off the record about any matter that relates to the Society.

Committee Secretary

  • Prepare agenda for meetings in consultation with Chair,
  • Take minutes at meetings,
  • Ensure action points per meetings are noted accurately in the minutes,
  • Circulate minutes to committee members on a timely basis (either by e-mail or by hand),
  • Book rehearsal venue(s),
  • Produce contracts as required for performers, and arrange for their signature by both parties,
  • Book concert venues,
  • Obtain Event Licence for concerts from North Somerset Council Licensing Department,
  • Deal with any sundry Choral Society correspondence.


  • Maintain records of the Society’s income and expenditure,
  • Prepare cheques for payments and obtain receipts as appropriate,
  • Ensure payment for concert soloists and musicians and the Society’s Musical Director, Deputy, Conductor and Accompanist,
  • Receive income from concerts, subscriptions, refreshments etc. and deposit at bank,
  • Liaise with Chorus secretary to ensure subscriptions paid and gift aid lists updated with New members,
  • Administer applications for refund of Income Tax under Gift Aid,
  • Prepare monthly accounts and submit bank balances to Committee meetings,
  • Prepare annual accounts for auditor and updates for the committee,
  • Present a Treasurer’s Report to the Annual general Meeting,
  • Administer the Society’s bank accounts,
  • Prepare annual report of income and concert figures to Charities commission,
  • Renew Annual Insurance.

Chorus Secretary

  • Be the first point of contact for members,
  • Compile a list of members of the Society each season, with addresses (inc. e-mail where available) and contact telephone numbers,
  • Produce a register of choir members, to be signed weekly by members,
  • Monitor registers, taking note of new members and those who have left the Society, receive apologies, for absence and contact those absent for more than two consecutive rehearsals,
  • Circulate details of publicity from other groups,
  • Keep choir up to date with news of members.


  • Ascertain full details of future concert programmes as soon as they are available, including venue, date, time, conductor, accompanist(s), soloists, ticket prices and refreshments,
  • Contact all local media before relevant deadlines, with information about forthcoming concerts. Media include local guides, parish magazines, the press (daily, weekly and monthly), radio and possibly TV,
  • If appropriate and within an agreed budget, consider placing local commercial advertisement,
  • Prepare and distribute flyers to inform potential audience, and poster for public display in Nailsea and other towns and villages
  • Encourage all members of the Society to assist with distribution and display of promotional material, production and sale of tickets,
  • Deliver concert programme details including programme notes to person producing programme.


  • Source scores for hire in edition chosen by DoM for each concert,
  • Place order with library/other supplier with plenty of time in hand,
  • Negotiate and agree hire fee with supplier for the period in question,
  • Agree collection and return dates with supplier,
  • Manage numbering system/records of hire copies out on loan to choir,
  • Collect hire fees from individual choir members,
  • Ensure all copies collected and returned to supplier after concerts.

Stage Manager

  • View venue to assess capacity for audience and choir,
  • Ascertain location of venue emergency exits, and review health and safety issues associated with venue,
  • Establish persons responsible for ensuring venue is cleared in emergency, allocating specific locations to specific people,
  • Ascertain choir numbers from Chorus Secretary,
  • Agree concert layout with Music Director,
  • Identify ‘green room(s)’ for choir, soloists and orchestra as appropriate,
  • Ensure appropriate staging, chairs, podium and music stand available for concert,
  • Organise working party for construction pre concert,
  • Manage choir formation prior to leading onto performing area,
  • Organise working party for removing staging, chairs etc, post concert.

Social Secretary

For refreshments after concerts:

  • Make sure urn is switched on before concert & monitor heating levels of urn during concert interval,
  • Make tea/coffee,
  • Arrange tables attractively (summer flowers/Christmas decorations etc.),
  • Christmas Concert – Request mince pies from choir members.  Organise mulled wine,
  • Summer Concert. Organise buffet supper.  Request savoury/sweet dishes from choir members.